Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Room 3 Assembly

Here a drawing i did for our Assembly and it will start in 11:30am at Friday and I'll meet you their. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Cultural day

On friday the 22nd we had Cultural Day and had a senior syndicate mass with room 6 and 7 in the morning.  When we lined up we went inside the church and sat down. Our syndicate mass was still going I saw five of room seven 7 and four of room 6 and four of us holding their flags for the countries they studied and after that they put it on the ground in front of the altar. When our senior syndicate mass was finished we went to our classroom and got a pencil. After that we had to get a paper from our teacher. When she gave us our paper we lined up outside and went to room 7 and room 6 went too.

When room 6 and our class went inside room 7 we sat down on the carpet and Miss G told us who is in the 1st group and they were the United Kingdom group. When they told us about their country it was Germany’s turn to start. When Germany finished it keep on going until it ended up with Spain. When it finished we had morning tea and went back to our classroom. After that it was our turn to start and room 7 and 6 came over to our class and sat down on the floor to watch our presentations, then Room 6 did their presentations about Asia.

It was lots of fun.        

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Argentina Presentation

On Friday last week we presented our information we discovered about Argentina.  We had a great time presenting to the syndicate.  Here is our presentation and a film of us presenting it.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

I am looking forward to learn how to play Touch and learning some of our skills about Touch training and learning the rules for touch.

I am expecting that Touch make us fit and showing a lot of skills to others people.

We learnt ball passes, running, sprinting and jogging in touch training.  

People supporting, team mate, crowds, referee, coach, water boy and subs.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Film Festival 2013

On the morning of 13th November we went to the bus and went to the film Festival at Sylvia Park Hoyts. We went with room 5, 4 and some of room 7. When we got to Sylvia Park we went off the bus and walked inside. When we got there we went inside and saw Glen Innes Primary School sitting at the left and all of us sitting at the right. I was sitting next to Misiotei and Manu. A woman said to us they that it was going take a while to start the film.

When the film was starting it was our turn to start and our film was called Success. When we watched our film it was still going and some of us were laughing at the last part when we were jumping outside in front of the camera. After that it was Glen Innes Primary School’s turn to do their film and they did a news about no chocolate in their city. When the movie was still on I was laughing at a boy having a shower outside singing a maori song.

When it was finish it was Panmure Bridge school’s turn and their class was room one. When the movie was at the last part they were running slow motion and it finished. Then it was Saint Patrick’s and their film was Magic Teacher, they were playing games on their netbook in class and a boy went outside with his netbook and went to the tunnel and hide there. When he was playing a game on his netbook, his screen said “I know what are you doing” and after that the magic teacher appeared in the tunnel and she took his netbook away and disappeared and he was crying all the way to class. He said “sorry” to his teacher and it finished. When all the movies was all finished the lights came on. After that we went out of Sylvia Park Hoyts and went to the bus and went back to school.

My favourite movie was Room 6 and their movie called Lockdown. We were laughing when they ran away from a person that they thought was a person that was stealing their stuff in school. After that when he come up to them it was their teacher and they were scared of him.   

Dr. Dre

I pick Dr. Dre as my inspiring person because he makes headphones and he is an American record producer. Dr. Dre is a rapper and a entrepreneur and he is someone who I would like to be like when I grow up.

Saint Patrick

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt 5 practice

At the afternoon Johnny went to have a job. After that when johnny went to have a job, his job was making a woman and a men hair blow up. When johnny had his job he made a women hair flew up and her name was lipa. Johnny made lipa hair flew up and she had a eye protection glasses on her eyes and they were playing around for a few minute. After that johnny keep on turning around and blowing lipa hair up and having some fresh air. When her hair flew up she was excited that her hair was flying up and she open her mouth and she touch her tongue on her teeth. Johnny said that he is gonna have some fresh air blowing his whole body with his blowing generator and they had a great fun day at johnny favourite job and johnny was excited too.    

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt practice 4

On a Hot sunny day people went to the Zoo they walked to an animal and they sawed a animal that was a meerkat on the sign and on the sign it show his name and it was John. When they stopped they sawed John, one of them said “that John has a large eye” and John opened his mouth and had a his big eye opened and runned up the tree. After that John was scared because he was scared at other people and he hide up the tree for a few hour. When it was on the next day he was scared again and he had his eye open wide again and his mouth open and he ranned up the tree and hold a tree stick and went upside down and he sawed people walking past the

walking path. After that John was trying to escaped from the Zoo and go free, when John went to escaped he sawed people and he said  “aaarrgghhh” and he went up to the tree and he got scared and open his whole face.    

Monday, 4 November 2013

prompt pratise 2

One day at a sunny day at the afternoon a young person went to beach by himself and he was swimming. After that he swims a little bit far away and he got lost.

Friday, 25 October 2013

A chubby superhero saves our city!!!

Jam bus

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you for coming over to our school and recording our songs at the music room. Our songs were Haere Mai and Something in the Water. Thank you for giving us the CD and case that you recorded. Some of our class listened to it in the car and we all listened to in our classroom. I felt full of enjoy and happiness about our two songs that you recorded.

\Yours sincerely, Albert


Friday, 18 October 2013


“Squash wow I am so looking forward to it.” On the fourteenth of October at Monday, After that we went outside and lined up. We were walking to the hall and we sawed a man outside at the shelter and he was holding a racket in his hand. When we went inside the hall we all sat down at the floor and two man told us there name and there name was Phil and Michael. After that they made us go into groups and they made the group into half and after that when we done our group Phil said to us “which one do you want to do skills or play Squash” and we said “skills.” When we went to Phil to do our skills, Phil gave us a rackets and a yellow soft ball and after that Phil told us some of their skills so we can learn some to play squash.

After our skills we went to play squash with Michael and we all talked turn in our and if we lose we pass it on and after that I was versing Seuati after and after that i lost from him and i was versing Patrick and i won from him and i lost three times from him. After that phil said to us to sit down at the floor and he said we done good. On day two on tuesday the fifteenth of october we went to squash again and we sawed phil outside and after that we went to sit on floor and they made in each sides that is a court and after that Phil told us the king of the court is the black one and after that phil talked us to each court and the last one was the practicing court and after that phil told us to go in each side and i was at the black court and i won five times and patrick won eight or nine and seuati won seven times and after we all rotate to another court.

When we finish phil said to us “who is the best female player and the best male player in the world” and he told us the country name and it was egypt and malaysia and the answer for the best squash player is nicol david and ramy ashour.         

Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Recount

On Monday 23rd after our morning tea we all stayed in our lines outside and room 7 didn’t come because they went to league. We waited until the Duffy Theater started in the hall. We saw two men and one woman and they told us their names - David, Manu and Lose. After that we were singing with them and did the actions of the Duffy song. When we finished the Duffy song they told us the title of the show and it was called “Duffy Loses his Words.” After that duffy and scruffy was running around the block and after that scruffy said “which way did duffy went” and we said “right” and they were running around for 10 times and we sawed Duffy and he said “where did Scruffy went” and we said “left” and he stop and Scruffy sawed Duffy and they did a handshake. After that Duffy went to have a sleep and a creepy man come into his dream and took his words away and his name was vautra and Duffy woke up and he sawed vautra in his dream. When Duffy woke up his mum told him to clean up his mess in his room and after that he told “which t-shirt should i wear” and he didn’t wear Duffy he wear dubby.

After that the rubbish man came and took the box but duffy took the wrong box and the box was called “toy” and he didn’t took the rubbish box. When the rubbish man came he took the toy box and he said “are you sure that you want to take this” and Duffy said “yes” and he took it to his rubbish truck and put it inside there and after that Vautra came and they had a game and Duffy was the ref and after that a girl came from a nice land and her name was Lovely and they have to name all the fruit and foods. When Lovely name she did samoan food and vautra only

healthy foods like sandwich and after that Lovely won the match. Next there was another girl that came and it was miss rude and they did the same as them. When Duffy decided to pick it was miss Rude that win, after that Vautra wanted to have a bet with duffy and Vautra said “i want you to challenge me” and after that vautra said “if i win i will take all of your words off your head” and after that he said “but if you win i will go away forever” and after that Duffy waked up and he sawed Afi came and she said “are you ready for you speech” and he said “no.” After that they went to school and went to class and their teacher came and they read their speech for their work. After when they finished their show we all telled our question and we all enjoyed the show and it was

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids 4 kids rehearsal

”Yes we're going to the rehearsal this week.” For kids for kids we went to the rehearsal in the morning and we have to sing seventeen songs. We all went to the bus on Friday and we put our morning tea in the morning tea bag and Viliami was carrying the bag and we went to Life Convention Centre, Mangere. After that when we went there we all lined up outside and we saw Dayna. She told us to “line up at the back of the line” and after that we saw Chris walking up to us. We went inside and we saw 15 different schools in there and Mrs Carter with Sancta Maria. We all waited until we started our singing and we were listening to the music. Dayna was talking on the microphone to all of us and the other schools and we went up onto the stage and sat down on the wooden bouncy chair. We saw Jackie Clarke and Nathan King saying “hi” to us. All of us were singing some of the songs until morning tea time. For morning tea I had chips and a small long oreo bar. We waited for them to start again. Chris was telling us to wait so we can go up stage in order. After when we were put in order we waited until Nathan got up on stage watching the short movie about other children in Africa. After that Nathan was talking about the movie and Jackie came so we can sing again. We sang Weather With You, Sensitive To A Smile and on the last part that we were singing Wonkey Donkey. When we sang the song we went off the stage and lined up and waited to go outside to the bus.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Total Well - being

Matthew 25:36
Physical well - being              
Having a healthy body.

Social well - being                  
Having family - whanau support.

Mental and emotional                      
Being able to tell other what you think and feel.

Spiritual well - being               
being able to believe in god.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids for Kids

On kids 4 kids we did a rehearsal and all of us went to go to a lovely sunny day at life convention centre at Mangere. On Friday the 13th in the morning and we were practicing all the song from the last two terms and we did lot of singing on stage. At halftime and we ate our morning tea and after that when it finished we all went back to the bus and went back to school and we had a 20 minute break time and we were eating ice blocks for our surprise.   

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Filming Reflection

Our topic for our film is success and we put our actor, director and a camera person from our group. Our four mini films was about subjects, music, sport and academics and we did our filming one at a time. My group filmed in the music room and other groups filmed outside on the field, in our classroom and on the concrete. We planned our film story in our scrapbooks which is called storyboarding.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rugby League Reflection

On Tuesday last week our class went to play Rugby league.  Our instructor was Cuma and he used to play for the Akarana Falcons and he now plays for the Junior Warriors.
On rugby league we had a lot of skills that we did and it was jogging, high knees, butt kicks, passing ball, scoring tries and skipping.  I enjoyed my training again this week.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Saint Pius X Feast Day

This is a picture is about Pope Pius X going to church. Today is the feast of St Pius X.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cross Country

Well, this is our lucky day. Finally we are having our Cross country, we have been waiting for this.
It’s Tuesday 13th August and its a very sunny day.
When we got changed we went out of the classroom and lined up.  We went to the courts and lined up in our ages and I was 10 years old. The 12 years old were running first.

After the 11 year olds went we walked to the yellow line  and I was too nervous to have a race. When Miss G got her blocks, she said “on your mark, get set, go!.” I run to the bottom of the hill and I turned left and we went straight all the way and we went up and kept on going and we went past Melling Street. I saw Asipeli and I ran up to him and ran with him to the finish line.
I ran hard and savelio came 4th and  we went to Mrs Williams and she said “how old are you?” and “what house are you in?” I said that I was 10 years old and I that I came 3rd  and I am in Tuis. I went to sat down in the courts and waited for the other people to come.

When all of them came the 8, 7, 6, 5 and 9 year olds went to the field and sat down on the blue mat

and the it was the Juniors turn to run.  


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Assumption

The Assumption of Mary is celebrated on the fifteenth of the heavenly birthday. When Mary was in Jerusalem she went to sleep and her body went up to heaven and no one could find her body so they say that it went to heaven. Pope Pius said “it will be true that Mary’s body went to heaven”.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Amelia baby brother

Amelia’s little brother was born, and the family came over to see the cute little born baby. After that some of their family gave lovely presents to Amelia’s little brother and then the family went away

Amelia and her mum were trying to stop the baby from crying. He cried a lot and the mum said to Amelia “I wonder what the matter is, what do you think Amelia?” and Amelia said “maybe he’s hungry”. Amelia went to get a bottle of water so the baby could have his milk. After that the baby was still crying and he was noisy and Amelia’s mum said
“goodness! he can’t still be hungry, I wonder what the matter is?” and Amelia said “I think the baby needs a new nappy” and mum said “aren’t you clever”. Amelia went to get a new nappy and they got a pin so they could pin the baby nappy. After changed the nappy, the baby got loud again.

Amelia’s mum said “oh dear, he’s not hungry or wet, I wonder what the matter is, what do you think Amelia?” The baby look bored and Amelia went to fetch some toys and went to dance with the baby and Amelia jump up and down and tried to make the baby laugh. After that the baby was crying a lot and Amelia’s mother said “oh dear he not hungry, not wet and not bored I wonder what the matter is now?”

Amelia said “i think he’s tried,” and the mother said “perhaps you’re right,” and put the baby in the cot. When they put the baby in the cot they went to have a cup of tea. And they had a rest from all the hard work.  

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird


Rufous backed shrike
Asian koel

Once there were hundreds of non-colourful birds inSouth America and everything in the sky and on the ground was colourful and when the bird was trying to rub themselves with all the colours and when it was raining and stormy they all stayed in their tree. After that when it was raining they all saw the rainbow and after that when they saw it again it was starting to disappear and some of the birds said “did you see that?”

When they stayed in their tree they saw a bird that was called a phoenix and he was shiny and he had a yellow shiny thing around him. The phoenix and some of the birds went to the rainbow and saw the rainbow was being eaten by 1000’s of roaches. The birds started fighting the roaches and some of the bird went to take off the roaches off the rainbow and they won the fight. After that when

they finish having fight they all say yea we won and all of the non-bird went into the rainbow and they were all colorful. When they went back to their tree the other non-bird was jealous and all of the colourful went to have a fly.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Being Hygienic at School

How can you be Hygienic at School?

Runny Nose
We blow our nose into a tissue and throw the tissue in the rubbish.
do not cough on other people because if you do you spread lot of germs to other people.
if you are Vomiting you have to go to the toilet or a sick bay.
Going to the toilet
after when you go toilet you have to wash your hands with soap and water so you can stay clean.
Keeping environment clean
when you finish eating throw your rubbish in the bin. Pick it up and put it in the rubbish bin if you see it lying around.
if you sweat you have to spray yourself with lynx or rexona so you can smell nice when your finish.
you have to clean your uniform so you can stay clean and make sure you clean your socks before they stink.
if you haven’t clean your hands before using your netbook you could be spreading germs.

Worshipping God

how is it worshipping God?
I can worship God by praying to God every day and in church and outside so we can pray a lot so we can make people feel better.

Why do we pray to God ?                                                                                           by praying to God at church we can feel close to God and follow God’s promise so we can have a better day.

How do you pray to God?
by praying at church or at your house or outside and sometimes at school.  

Thursday, 11 July 2013


My favourite thing to do in term two at school was football because we followed the instructions and we always played on Tuesday. We played games on Tuesday and after that we went into groups and played soccer with our own soccer ball. We always warmed up so we could get ready and we warmed up in the beginning.   

My least favourite in term 2 was our Holy Spirit art because we were making art that is the Holy Spirit and we went to get our scrap book and drew our picture. I picked the finger of God and I painted in pink and I got  black paper and I cut out my picture and put it to my painting paper and I glued my picture and put it to my painting paper. I stuck it there and left it to dry and after that we hung it up. I didn’t like this because it took me long to do this.  

Next term I am looking forward to is rugby league because it makes us hard, fit and strong and it make us get faster so you can run lot of metres on the field. It also make us to do lot of fitness so we can get fit and

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


i can apologies by saying sorry for punching you on the face and for giving you a black eye.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Pool description

The pool is 15 metres long and 1 metre deep.  Our instructors names were Jilian and Kevin.

The pool looks like blue plastic and it has a hard frame around it which feels strong.The water feels cold and warm. It smells like the ocean its colour is blue as the sky and has white sides. The pool has a gate outside so we can go inside the swimming pool and it has a cover outside the pool that is white. The pool smells like chlorine thats inside it. A stair goes inside that we walk to the pool so we can swim.

A letter to Granny

When crackle and her partner was eating pancake, Crackles eat lot of burglar pancake's in Thursday and he eat normal pancake in Friday and Wednesday and sometime he chases burglar and he court two Burglar in the mayor house and Crackles put them in the fridge so they can eat them tomorrow.  

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The longest story

The Longest Story - Junior Journal 20

1. Put in the punctuation into the sentences from the story.
a) “Stop!” yelled the people “No more! No more!”.✔
b) The young man was very happy. So was Abena.✔
c) Her father said, “many young men want to marry her.” ✔

2. What does these types of punctuation mean
Speech marks - When someone speaking.
Full stop - Where you put it in the last sentence.
Capital letter -Where you put it in the first letter.  ✔

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.

a) Where is the story set?It was in south africa.

b) Why did they have a contest?To see who has the longest story and they get to marry the daughter

c) What was the story about the young man was trying tell? he was telling About their three little chick was hungry.

d) How did the people react to the young man’s story?Because they had had enough of it.

No lunch

No Lunch - Junior Journal 22

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.

rumble -To make a low,rolling noise like the sound of thunder.
pikelet - Mini Pancake
lever - A bar that is pulled down to lift something heavy or make a machine work.
daydream - When you are dreaming about something.
suddenly - Happening quickly without any warning.

2. Draw what Addison had in his lunchbox.

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.

a) Why was Addison worrying while he was at school? because he didn’t hear his teacher to get his folder.

b) What did Addison forget at exercise time? his skipping rope.

c)How did Addison trip over in the playground? because he sawed his dad riding on his motorbike.   

d) What does it mean in the story ‘You’re daydreaming Addison”? that you are dreaming  about something in your dream.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Week 8 - with Miss G Away

Last week on Tuesday Miss G and Mrs Tui went to fly to Melbourne, Australia. They went at 3:30pm and we had Miss Denney with us. They went to eight schools and when they went to Melbourne they saw a big class room and in the big class room were 50 children, at some schools there were 120 children in a class room. 

When Miss G and Mrs Tui came back to saint Pius x school at 1:30am Miss G brought us a nice koala. My one says i love Australia on its t-shirt and it has a boomerang too. 

My favourite part of week 8 was when we did P.E and it was lot of FUN.  

Friday, 28 June 2013

Teddy bear Description

The name of the teddy bear is fuzzy

Fuzzy the bear is brown like a chocolate and he has a black footprint on his two toes and he has two arm that is short like a t-rex and he is handsome like a prince and he has a fat chubby face and fuzzy is a soft bear that is a cat and he has two black little circle that is in his eyes and he is a small little teddy bear.

Fuzzy has a big head that look like a elephant and he has a round nose
that is the shape of a circle and he has a brown dots on his round nose and he has a nice teddy bear to play with and he is a playful teddy bear and he has a nice fluffy face and his body and he has a cute face that looks like a baby.