Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Recount

On Monday 23rd after our morning tea we all stayed in our lines outside and room 7 didn’t come because they went to league. We waited until the Duffy Theater started in the hall. We saw two men and one woman and they told us their names - David, Manu and Lose. After that we were singing with them and did the actions of the Duffy song. When we finished the Duffy song they told us the title of the show and it was called “Duffy Loses his Words.” After that duffy and scruffy was running around the block and after that scruffy said “which way did duffy went” and we said “right” and they were running around for 10 times and we sawed Duffy and he said “where did Scruffy went” and we said “left” and he stop and Scruffy sawed Duffy and they did a handshake. After that Duffy went to have a sleep and a creepy man come into his dream and took his words away and his name was vautra and Duffy woke up and he sawed vautra in his dream. When Duffy woke up his mum told him to clean up his mess in his room and after that he told “which t-shirt should i wear” and he didn’t wear Duffy he wear dubby.

After that the rubbish man came and took the box but duffy took the wrong box and the box was called “toy” and he didn’t took the rubbish box. When the rubbish man came he took the toy box and he said “are you sure that you want to take this” and Duffy said “yes” and he took it to his rubbish truck and put it inside there and after that Vautra came and they had a game and Duffy was the ref and after that a girl came from a nice land and her name was Lovely and they have to name all the fruit and foods. When Lovely name she did samoan food and vautra only

healthy foods like sandwich and after that Lovely won the match. Next there was another girl that came and it was miss rude and they did the same as them. When Duffy decided to pick it was miss Rude that win, after that Vautra wanted to have a bet with duffy and Vautra said “i want you to challenge me” and after that vautra said “if i win i will take all of your words off your head” and after that he said “but if you win i will go away forever” and after that Duffy waked up and he sawed Afi came and she said “are you ready for you speech” and he said “no.” After that they went to school and went to class and their teacher came and they read their speech for their work. After when they finished their show we all telled our question and we all enjoyed the show and it was

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