Friday, 21 February 2014

Narrative Writing 2

during a Miami summer  A man and his friends decide to go for a boat ride around a bay of island. They firstly gathered all their supplies and left on the dangerous boat trip. this boat trip  was dangerous because there were sharks and Killer Whales surrounding the islands.

While they were on their boat ride they noticed a Killer Whale was following them. The Killer Whale pushed into their boat, this shook the boat which also made the boat sink. suddenly The Killer Whale jumped over them and bit one of the friends head’s off.

When his head was gone the another friend said “NOO!!!” and they swam towards the nearest island. They were finding pieces of woods so they could build a raft to get them back. When they had enough wood they built their raft and left the island.

While they were paddling they saw Justin Bieber get eaten by a Killer Whale. So they paddled even faster, almost as fast as a cheetah. they paddled so fast that one of the friends broke their arm. Not long afterwards  they finally made it back.

When they went back home his friend went to the hospital for his broken arm. they all agreed that they had a great adventure!!!