Thursday, 16 June 2016


Powhiri is a welcoming ceremony where visitors are welcomed, a Marae is not the only place where a Powhiri happened it can happen in different kind of places like when you host something, or when you welcome someone into your house. A Powhiri is a ceremony where you do a Karanga at the beginning. A Powhiri is done by two women, a woman from the marae and a woman that is visiting the Marae.

What does it looks like?
It is where everybody that is visiting the Marae have to get welcomed from the Maori’s before coming inside/entering the Marae.

What it sounds like? The Powhiri will be loud because if you don’t say it loud no one will be able to hear you. The people from the back will say it is quiet but the people at the front will say it is loud. Whenever someone has to do a Karanga it has to be loud and clear.

What I felt like?
I felt confident because I was standing in the middle of everyone and all I can see was everyone’s heads. But once we all got into the front, I saw all these Maori people and I felt a little bit shy.

My Pepeha


Here is my Pepeha! :)