Friday, 25 October 2013

A chubby superhero saves our city!!!

Jam bus

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you for coming over to our school and recording our songs at the music room. Our songs were Haere Mai and Something in the Water. Thank you for giving us the CD and case that you recorded. Some of our class listened to it in the car and we all listened to in our classroom. I felt full of enjoy and happiness about our two songs that you recorded.

\Yours sincerely, Albert


Friday, 18 October 2013


“Squash wow I am so looking forward to it.” On the fourteenth of October at Monday, After that we went outside and lined up. We were walking to the hall and we sawed a man outside at the shelter and he was holding a racket in his hand. When we went inside the hall we all sat down at the floor and two man told us there name and there name was Phil and Michael. After that they made us go into groups and they made the group into half and after that when we done our group Phil said to us “which one do you want to do skills or play Squash” and we said “skills.” When we went to Phil to do our skills, Phil gave us a rackets and a yellow soft ball and after that Phil told us some of their skills so we can learn some to play squash.

After our skills we went to play squash with Michael and we all talked turn in our and if we lose we pass it on and after that I was versing Seuati after and after that i lost from him and i was versing Patrick and i won from him and i lost three times from him. After that phil said to us to sit down at the floor and he said we done good. On day two on tuesday the fifteenth of october we went to squash again and we sawed phil outside and after that we went to sit on floor and they made in each sides that is a court and after that Phil told us the king of the court is the black one and after that phil talked us to each court and the last one was the practicing court and after that phil told us to go in each side and i was at the black court and i won five times and patrick won eight or nine and seuati won seven times and after we all rotate to another court.

When we finish phil said to us “who is the best female player and the best male player in the world” and he told us the country name and it was egypt and malaysia and the answer for the best squash player is nicol david and ramy ashour.