Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kiwi-sport experience

Our Kiwi Sport was Golf Snag, it was pretty tiring and exciting.
We got to have a chance to roll 3 balls and aiming with good accuracy to the target 10 times. My favourite lesson during Kiwi-sport was swinging the tennis ball to the target. It was a hard challenge, I did not have good swings but at least I had a good try.  We got into groups and my group had pretty good skills, we won mostly all of the games.
Golf Snag is the best!  

Experience from Tech

My experience from Tech was amazing because we have learnt how to make Ice-cream in a bag. We put blocks of cold ice inside a zip-lock big plastic bag with salt and we added fresh cream, vanilla and sugar inside a small zip-lock bag. I enjoy and was managed to shake the bag till it turns into ice-cream. After everything was done my group unzipped the bag and tasted our beautiful made ice-cream.

Friday, 11 November 2016

My Scratch video

Here is my Scratch video I have finished this week, it is a Naruto AMV. (Anime Music video)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Holy Saint

Today my class had to create what the word 'Saint' is for Religious Education. I have created my own Tagul to show what Saint is, to me.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

7 Sacraments

This is my 7 sacraments I have finished for Religion Education.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Prototec maths

This is my Prototec 1.9 results I have every Mondays. I have improve by reaching my scores to 40! 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Jesus the model teacher

Today my class had a discussion about how Jesus is a model teacher. I created a info-graph/D.L.O to show everybody in my blog that Jesus is a special model teacher. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Prompt Writing

WALT: I can use a prompt to write a narrative story using correct sentences.

For days, I have been trapped underground. I lived in darkness. I knew that I was with my friends but when the cave collapsed, we all separated.  I tried to find my way out. I had to drink dirty water that were dripping above me and ate nothing but dead rats under ground, I yelled “HELP! Is anybody out there? May I please have some help” no one replied, it was so quiet I was all alone by myself.

Till one day, I saw a creepy strange midget little young girl wearing a white dress and covered her face with her long black hair. I was scared and shocked because it came closer and closer, I ran my whole life away from her and finally found a stairway out to freedom.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.16.51 PM.png

Monday, 15 August 2016

Prototec Maths

Every Mondays I will be working on Prototec 1.9 to accomplish Stage 6, these are my results but next Monday I will try and finish in less than 4 minutes. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Be Smart Online

Today Constable Gordon entered our class and presented a short presentation about Cyber-bullying. I learnt from listening to Constable Gordon that our country ‘New Zealand’ has the highest rate of committing suicide from cyber-bullying in the whole world and that it's importantly that we have to use sites sensible and correctly.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Bill McLaren Writing

On a great lovely Friday afternoon, the sun was out and I got changed into my rugby gear. I hopped into my Dad’s work van and drove to Colin Maiden Park at Glen Innes. Today was a big day for me as I had a chance to be the captain of my rugby team this year.

When we arrived to our destination I ran to join with my team, while they were walking to the changing room. We got changed into our warm up clothes/gear and our coach led us to where will be warming up. It was almost 11:45 and our finals were about to begin so my coach started us with a peaceful prayer, when our prayer was done our coach said his last word to us before we exit the changing room, “Boys look at each others, now look at your East jersey, you're going out there to represent our side and most importantly our family.” I led my team and leaded them as a captain to field 10 (Main field). When we arrived to the field we were surrounded by a massive crowd over 60 supporters. I was very excited because my family were there by my side supporting me.The whistle blew, all the supporters were cheering louder than a lion, my team kept communicating and were listening with the ref during the game.

Ruck still continue on our 25 meters on the right side and we still handled to keep the ball on our side, once it came to the 7th phrase of the ruck I quickly picked the ball up and sprinted my hardest and fended the 2 players that were in front of me and off I went, I ran and kept running till I past the goal post. Then I gently placed the ball on the ground under the goal post and was very proud of myself, sideline supporters were cheering “Cheehoo.” Half an hour later it was halftime, score was 10 - 3 to us and at the end, full time score was 21 - 15 and we were so happy because it was our third year in a row we defended of championship title.

Straight after full time everyone walked to prize giving outside Varsity Club. West stood up first and received their silver medal for coming second on leader board, we stood up after them and received our gold medal. My coach had his final thoughts before he gave us Player Of The Tournament trophy and the tournament cup, Player Of The Tournament trophy was given to me and the tournament cup was giving to our team for winning the Bill McLaren Tournament.
Screenshot 2016-07-27 at 12.24.55 PM.png

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Year 8's Retreat

At retreat with the Year 8’s I had a lot of fun and learn a lot. I'm not a leader but I can act like a leader to the younger students. We did fun activities and we also had a nice, special food for dinner & for our breakfast.

Our first activity was so hard because it was difficult for us to find the clues. They hid the paper clue in a great hiding spot, but when we found our second clue our brain finally woke up and knew where the clue hiding spots were. One was hanging on the clipboard, another one was hiding behind a sign and the last clue was hidden under a St Antonio statue.
At night after dinner, when all of us were tired around 8:45 we were inside the room with Mr. Coakley. He showed us a video from #KID PRESIDENT on YouTube. He is one funny kid I will always remember. Once it hit 9:15 we went back to our rooms and off to sleep.

Next morning, I got woken up by Seuati. All of us went back down stairs and walked quietly inside the Chapel room. We prayed for 15 minutes and then went to have our breakfast. After breakfast bell rang, so all of us went back to the first room. We done another activity building our own Ark boats. Our other next activity was the hardest activity I've ever done, J.T and I had to find a missing leaf that was hard for us to find so we asked Brother for help. We found the missing plant across the car park and brought back one spear plant.

After our whole activity, we had a long rest waiting for our church priest to come over and start our last mass for his 16 years of being a priest.

Today's Duffy Assembly (Book week)

Today we had our Duffy Assembly in the school hall. My whole school wore amazing costumes from the books we enjoy reading. My character I picked from the book was from Harry Potter, I was Hagrid, he is a tall chubby man and is very good covering up for people.

Inside the hall our special Duffy visitor was Josephine Bartley. We all stood up and sang our national anthem before we started. After that Alecia told Room 1 if they could stand up and introduce who are there characters and what book are they from. We went from Room 1 to Room 7. When it was our turn, my group were the first one to introduce ourself, so Samantha told the audience that we are from the Harry Potter book.

When we finished telling the audience who we are, Mr. Coakley and our Duffy Visitor Josephine Bartley went up and handed over the Duffy books to the classes from St. Pius.

Later Alecia asked Mr. Coakley if he could come up and give the Honours badge to the two students. The two student that were chosen were Kalo and Faleaka, congratulations to them both for earning that Honours badge for 2016.

Trip to the Marae

Last Tuesday we had a special trip to the Marae. It was a lovely sunday our whole school started walking down to Ruapotaka Marae, our feet were ready and fit to walk.

When the whole school got there we all waited outside the building. The Powhiri had begun. Ana-lei replied back in Maori to the Maori lady that was singing Haere mai out loud. We started following Ana-lei because she was in front. Powhiri welcoming done, we took off our shoes and got inside the Awhina Tangata.

Inside the Awhina Tangata we sang He Honore and another Maori song. I was one of the 5 people that had to go up and Hongi with the 6 other Marae members. I had the confidence to go up and Hongi with the 6 of them. Later on, once everything was done I went to get the lunch box with the boys to give it to the classes.

So after that we had our 2 last activities before we head off to school. Room 1 and my class stayed inside the hall and Room 5, 3 and 4 went to the Awhina Tangata room to do a fun Maori song. We done this exciting activity for half an hour, then changed over to the Awhina Tangata room.

My favourite part during the trip is going up with the 4 other brave boys because it was my first time in my whole life doing the Hongi.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Trip to the Cathedral

Last Friday, the first of July was a special trip day. Saint Pius X whole school went on a trip to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland city. We all gathered together, walked down to the bus. We went to the Cathedral because this year, is the year of Mercy.

When the bus driver dropped us off to city, we all got outside with excitement. We walked up the Cathedral and were shocked because it was some of our students first time seeing a tall building church with their own eyes. We entered the door of mercy that had been blessed from our Bishop Patrick. The inside of the Cathedral church looked so creative, amazing and beautiful, I really loved looking at it.

Father Larry started the mass, introductory Rite, Liturgy of the word, Gospel reading and the ending prayer. When Mass was ended my whole school tooked a lovely photo with Father Larry inside the Cathedral. Father Larry took us on a special tour around the church. Before we exit out of the church we sang a short beautiful song called “Merciful like the father.” After that we exit the church we walked down to the hall and had our afternoon snack.

I felt very hungry after mass and it was great visiting the Cathedral on the year of Mercy.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Powhiri is a welcoming ceremony where visitors are welcomed, a Marae is not the only place where a Powhiri happened it can happen in different kind of places like when you host something, or when you welcome someone into your house. A Powhiri is a ceremony where you do a Karanga at the beginning. A Powhiri is done by two women, a woman from the marae and a woman that is visiting the Marae.

What does it looks like?
It is where everybody that is visiting the Marae have to get welcomed from the Maori’s before coming inside/entering the Marae.

What it sounds like? The Powhiri will be loud because if you don’t say it loud no one will be able to hear you. The people from the back will say it is quiet but the people at the front will say it is loud. Whenever someone has to do a Karanga it has to be loud and clear.

What I felt like?
I felt confident because I was standing in the middle of everyone and all I can see was everyone’s heads. But once we all got into the front, I saw all these Maori people and I felt a little bit shy.

My Pepeha


Here is my Pepeha! :)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow

Today Room 7 & Room 5 went to Tamaki College. I went with Paul, Patrick and Paul’s sister. Paul’s Sister kindly volunteered to take us there because the Roadshow science had invited us to see their show.

When we got into the hall there were a lot of science stations. Unfortunately I missed out on some science stations but my favourite station was throwing the balls onto the target. My score/result I had for throwing was 106 kph. I'm impressed of myself trying hard to get the highest score.

At the Science Roadshow I learnt how dogs can hear better than us humans, so as Whales.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers!  Aren't they special? Mothers everywhere even different species are appreciated by their own children.  They have the most amazing job that any father wish to have which is looking after their wonderful children.

My mum is always my number one and only angel in my life. My mum is beautiful then all the other mothers in the world to me, she has black long hair, that smells like the most beautifulest cherry blossom tree, she has brown eyes that looks like chocolate brownies, she is always kind to visitors that come over and visit. My mother supports me at my rugby games,  during my game I can hear her yelling out “Run hard Pate run!”, my mum is always proud of me and she is so supportive that she gives me good luck kisses on my cheeks before my games.  

Monday, 4 April 2016


Today for our learning we learnt how to use Screencastify (Screen Video Record) on our Netbooks. Here is a problem I have solve :) It is my first time!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter Story

1.The first photo on the bottom left shows when Mary of Magdalene entering Jesus's tomb to pray and give respect.

2. The second photo on bottom right shows how Mary of Magdalene went and told on Simon and Peter that Jesus have been taken from his tomb.

3. The third on top right shows when Simon and Peter running quickly to the tomb.

4.The last photo on the top left shows when Simon and Peter entered Jesus's tomb where he was layed and they both believed that he was taken.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend !

Soul Friend Day 2016
Soul Friend is a friendship where an older person is befriended with a younger person.  It is an Irish tradition.   In this friendship, they look after and support each other. It was introduced to St Pius X School by the Irish Holy Faith Sisters who started our school many years ago.

We modelled this friend at St. Pius X School.  This is where the older students have the younger students as their Soul Friend.

My Soul Friend is a young kid name Viliami of Room 1.  He is a year 1 students who likes to play with sticks and pretending to be a sniper weapon. Viliami is my buddy for reading.
I will look after him during school. I will try to be a good role model for him.

Today is our Soul Friend mass and he gave me a praying hand picture.  It is so cute.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Narractive Structure - Sport Day

ORIENTATION - Where, When, Who
Where: At School Field
When: Sport day
Who: Grace, Emma, Justin, Mrs Miller, Grandad, Mum and Friends
COMPLICATION - What is it?
Grace couldn't catch the ball.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.
  • She had breakfast
  • Grandad’s honey gave her a good luck today
  • They didn't want her in any teams
  • She sat down watched the bees buzzing the gardens
  • Justin hit a long ball
  • She caught her ball
  • Emma was left by getting stung by a bee

RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?
she looked at the high ball because it was targeting her, than she put both hands together and heard her grandad said “keep calm,” the ball fell onto her hands and it didn't hurt.   

Mrs Miller came running by and said “Great catch, Grace,” then she threw the ball back to their home base and she check her hands and she said her hands were sticky from breakfast.

Venn Diagram comparing Jesus & Father Francis Douglas

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday, 11 February 2016

First day in school

On the first day of school it felts different because last year was loud but this year is quiet and coming into classrooms gives me memories about last year. This year I went in my classroom and now we are starting to do lot of amazing learning. We have to do these 3 virtues, Fairness , Responsibility and Respect.