Thursday, 7 July 2016

Year 8's Retreat

At retreat with the Year 8’s I had a lot of fun and learn a lot. I'm not a leader but I can act like a leader to the younger students. We did fun activities and we also had a nice, special food for dinner & for our breakfast.

Our first activity was so hard because it was difficult for us to find the clues. They hid the paper clue in a great hiding spot, but when we found our second clue our brain finally woke up and knew where the clue hiding spots were. One was hanging on the clipboard, another one was hiding behind a sign and the last clue was hidden under a St Antonio statue.
At night after dinner, when all of us were tired around 8:45 we were inside the room with Mr. Coakley. He showed us a video from #KID PRESIDENT on YouTube. He is one funny kid I will always remember. Once it hit 9:15 we went back to our rooms and off to sleep.

Next morning, I got woken up by Seuati. All of us went back down stairs and walked quietly inside the Chapel room. We prayed for 15 minutes and then went to have our breakfast. After breakfast bell rang, so all of us went back to the first room. We done another activity building our own Ark boats. Our other next activity was the hardest activity I've ever done, J.T and I had to find a missing leaf that was hard for us to find so we asked Brother for help. We found the missing plant across the car park and brought back one spear plant.

After our whole activity, we had a long rest waiting for our church priest to come over and start our last mass for his 16 years of being a priest.

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  1. Hi Albert,

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great time on your retreat! I hope that you are also having fun this holiday.

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    Cheers, Rachel