Monday, 4 July 2016

Trip to the Cathedral

Last Friday, the first of July was a special trip day. Saint Pius X whole school went on a trip to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland city. We all gathered together, walked down to the bus. We went to the Cathedral because this year, is the year of Mercy.

When the bus driver dropped us off to city, we all got outside with excitement. We walked up the Cathedral and were shocked because it was some of our students first time seeing a tall building church with their own eyes. We entered the door of mercy that had been blessed from our Bishop Patrick. The inside of the Cathedral church looked so creative, amazing and beautiful, I really loved looking at it.

Father Larry started the mass, introductory Rite, Liturgy of the word, Gospel reading and the ending prayer. When Mass was ended my whole school tooked a lovely photo with Father Larry inside the Cathedral. Father Larry took us on a special tour around the church. Before we exit out of the church we sang a short beautiful song called “Merciful like the father.” After that we exit the church we walked down to the hall and had our afternoon snack.

I felt very hungry after mass and it was great visiting the Cathedral on the year of Mercy.

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