Friday, 29 July 2016

Bill McLaren Writing

On a great lovely Friday afternoon, the sun was out and I got changed into my rugby gear. I hopped into my Dad’s work van and drove to Colin Maiden Park at Glen Innes. Today was a big day for me as I had a chance to be the captain of my rugby team this year.

When we arrived to our destination I ran to join with my team, while they were walking to the changing room. We got changed into our warm up clothes/gear and our coach led us to where will be warming up. It was almost 11:45 and our finals were about to begin so my coach started us with a peaceful prayer, when our prayer was done our coach said his last word to us before we exit the changing room, “Boys look at each others, now look at your East jersey, you're going out there to represent our side and most importantly our family.” I led my team and leaded them as a captain to field 10 (Main field). When we arrived to the field we were surrounded by a massive crowd over 60 supporters. I was very excited because my family were there by my side supporting me.The whistle blew, all the supporters were cheering louder than a lion, my team kept communicating and were listening with the ref during the game.

Ruck still continue on our 25 meters on the right side and we still handled to keep the ball on our side, once it came to the 7th phrase of the ruck I quickly picked the ball up and sprinted my hardest and fended the 2 players that were in front of me and off I went, I ran and kept running till I past the goal post. Then I gently placed the ball on the ground under the goal post and was very proud of myself, sideline supporters were cheering “Cheehoo.” Half an hour later it was halftime, score was 10 - 3 to us and at the end, full time score was 21 - 15 and we were so happy because it was our third year in a row we defended of championship title.

Straight after full time everyone walked to prize giving outside Varsity Club. West stood up first and received their silver medal for coming second on leader board, we stood up after them and received our gold medal. My coach had his final thoughts before he gave us Player Of The Tournament trophy and the tournament cup, Player Of The Tournament trophy was given to me and the tournament cup was giving to our team for winning the Bill McLaren Tournament.
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  1. Good writing pate, Well done to your team and i am proud of you.

    From mum peta. Ofa atu

  2. Thank you for sharing your rugby experience Albert. You have used some good sentences in your writing. Very proud of your effort.