Thursday, 7 July 2016

Today's Duffy Assembly (Book week)

Today we had our Duffy Assembly in the school hall. My whole school wore amazing costumes from the books we enjoy reading. My character I picked from the book was from Harry Potter, I was Hagrid, he is a tall chubby man and is very good covering up for people.

Inside the hall our special Duffy visitor was Josephine Bartley. We all stood up and sang our national anthem before we started. After that Alecia told Room 1 if they could stand up and introduce who are there characters and what book are they from. We went from Room 1 to Room 7. When it was our turn, my group were the first one to introduce ourself, so Samantha told the audience that we are from the Harry Potter book.

When we finished telling the audience who we are, Mr. Coakley and our Duffy Visitor Josephine Bartley went up and handed over the Duffy books to the classes from St. Pius.

Later Alecia asked Mr. Coakley if he could come up and give the Honours badge to the two students. The two student that were chosen were Kalo and Faleaka, congratulations to them both for earning that Honours badge for 2016.

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