Friday, 28 June 2013

Teddy bear Description

The name of the teddy bear is fuzzy

Fuzzy the bear is brown like a chocolate and he has a black footprint on his two toes and he has two arm that is short like a t-rex and he is handsome like a prince and he has a fat chubby face and fuzzy is a soft bear that is a cat and he has two black little circle that is in his eyes and he is a small little teddy bear.

Fuzzy has a big head that look like a elephant and he has a round nose
that is the shape of a circle and he has a brown dots on his round nose and he has a nice teddy bear to play with and he is a playful teddy bear and he has a nice fluffy face and his body and he has a cute face that looks like a baby.

cookie protector

on Tuesday we were making cage and trap to protect it so the cookie monster can go away. And we got our stuff that we are using  in the plastic bag and there were string that is two meter long and cello tape and a scissors and ten straw and on our paper we went to plan our cage and we went to draw .

After that when we did it i got mix up and after that we got our plastic bag and got ready to make one and i was with Asipeli .

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Skip Counting

L.I. - Solve equal group problems by skip counting.

Use your drawing tool on your netbook show how you would solve these equations using skip counting.
7 x 5 =
Jumping in 5’s 7 times = 35
6 x 3 =
jumping in 3’s 6 time =
4 x 5 =
jumping in 5’s 4 time =
10 x 2 =
jumping in 2’s 10 time =
8 x 3 =
jumping in 3’s 8 time =

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A covenant

A covenant is a sacred serious agreement/promise between God and God's people.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gods call to Mary

Rm 3 Gods Call To Mary from St Pius X on Vimeo.

Room 3 did a video about Gods call to Mary and we pick our group in threes and we practice for five minute and it was to easy for us to do it. 

Monday, 17 June 2013


Chevy - Junior Journal 11

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
Rust - the reddish-brown substance that can form on iron and steel when they get wet.✔
Steering -to make a vehicle go in a particular direction.
lever - a bar that you use to lift up an object. ✔
hot rod - a type of car ✔
welded - to join two pieces of metal by heating them and then fixing them together. ✔
chrome - a type of metal ✔
exhaust - Waste gases or air expelled from an engine, turbine, or other machine in the course of its operation

2. Draw the car and what you think it would look like when it is finished.
3.  Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) Where did the children find the car?The children found the car down the river and it was among the tree and the long grass.
b) Why did they get Mum to come and look at the car at the beginning?They got Mum to come because they wanted to check that it was safe enough to play in a car
c) What did they do to fix the car?They put a chrome light and a chrome bumper and a chrome exhaust and a smooth new seat and mag wheel to fix the car.✔
d) How did they get the car home? they used dad’s car to pull it home.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Math learning week 5

Using a bridging to 10/part whole strategy to solve these equations. Use tens frames if you need help.

17 + 5 =
20 + 2 =
9 + 7 =
9 + 4 =
8 + 6 =
8 + 3 =
19 + 5 =
19 + 8 =
18 + 7 =
18 + 4 =
39 + 2 =
59 + 6 =
79 + 3 =
98 + 3 =