Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend !

Soul Friend Day 2016
Soul Friend is a friendship where an older person is befriended with a younger person.  It is an Irish tradition.   In this friendship, they look after and support each other. It was introduced to St Pius X School by the Irish Holy Faith Sisters who started our school many years ago.

We modelled this friend at St. Pius X School.  This is where the older students have the younger students as their Soul Friend.

My Soul Friend is a young kid name Viliami of Room 1.  He is a year 1 students who likes to play with sticks and pretending to be a sniper weapon. Viliami is my buddy for reading.
I will look after him during school. I will try to be a good role model for him.

Today is our Soul Friend mass and he gave me a praying hand picture.  It is so cute.

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  1. Hi Pate

    This writing about your soul friend is great because you promised your soul friend a great promise. Pate also remember care for your soul friend.
    Great work Pate keep up the great work.