Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids 4 kids rehearsal

”Yes we're going to the rehearsal this week.” For kids for kids we went to the rehearsal in the morning and we have to sing seventeen songs. We all went to the bus on Friday and we put our morning tea in the morning tea bag and Viliami was carrying the bag and we went to Life Convention Centre, Mangere. After that when we went there we all lined up outside and we saw Dayna. She told us to “line up at the back of the line” and after that we saw Chris walking up to us. We went inside and we saw 15 different schools in there and Mrs Carter with Sancta Maria. We all waited until we started our singing and we were listening to the music. Dayna was talking on the microphone to all of us and the other schools and we went up onto the stage and sat down on the wooden bouncy chair. We saw Jackie Clarke and Nathan King saying “hi” to us. All of us were singing some of the songs until morning tea time. For morning tea I had chips and a small long oreo bar. We waited for them to start again. Chris was telling us to wait so we can go up stage in order. After when we were put in order we waited until Nathan got up on stage watching the short movie about other children in Africa. After that Nathan was talking about the movie and Jackie came so we can sing again. We sang Weather With You, Sensitive To A Smile and on the last part that we were singing Wonkey Donkey. When we sang the song we went off the stage and lined up and waited to go outside to the bus.

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