Thursday, 11 July 2013


My favourite thing to do in term two at school was football because we followed the instructions and we always played on Tuesday. We played games on Tuesday and after that we went into groups and played soccer with our own soccer ball. We always warmed up so we could get ready and we warmed up in the beginning.   

My least favourite in term 2 was our Holy Spirit art because we were making art that is the Holy Spirit and we went to get our scrap book and drew our picture. I picked the finger of God and I painted in pink and I got  black paper and I cut out my picture and put it to my painting paper and I glued my picture and put it to my painting paper. I stuck it there and left it to dry and after that we hung it up. I didn’t like this because it took me long to do this.  

Next term I am looking forward to is rugby league because it makes us hard, fit and strong and it make us get faster so you can run lot of metres on the field. It also make us to do lot of fitness so we can get fit and

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