Tuesday, 2 July 2013

No lunch

No Lunch - Junior Journal 22

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.

rumble -To make a low,rolling noise like the sound of thunder.
pikelet - Mini Pancake
lever - A bar that is pulled down to lift something heavy or make a machine work.
daydream - When you are dreaming about something.
suddenly - Happening quickly without any warning.

2. Draw what Addison had in his lunchbox.

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.

a) Why was Addison worrying while he was at school? because he didn’t hear his teacher to get his folder.

b) What did Addison forget at exercise time? his skipping rope.

c)How did Addison trip over in the playground? because he sawed his dad riding on his motorbike.   

d) What does it mean in the story ‘You’re daydreaming Addison”? that you are dreaming  about something in your dream.

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