Friday, 29 November 2013

Cultural day

On friday the 22nd we had Cultural Day and had a senior syndicate mass with room 6 and 7 in the morning.  When we lined up we went inside the church and sat down. Our syndicate mass was still going I saw five of room seven 7 and four of room 6 and four of us holding their flags for the countries they studied and after that they put it on the ground in front of the altar. When our senior syndicate mass was finished we went to our classroom and got a pencil. After that we had to get a paper from our teacher. When she gave us our paper we lined up outside and went to room 7 and room 6 went too.

When room 6 and our class went inside room 7 we sat down on the carpet and Miss G told us who is in the 1st group and they were the United Kingdom group. When they told us about their country it was Germany’s turn to start. When Germany finished it keep on going until it ended up with Spain. When it finished we had morning tea and went back to our classroom. After that it was our turn to start and room 7 and 6 came over to our class and sat down on the floor to watch our presentations, then Room 6 did their presentations about Asia.

It was lots of fun.        

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