Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt practice 4

On a Hot sunny day people went to the Zoo they walked to an animal and they sawed a animal that was a meerkat on the sign and on the sign it show his name and it was John. When they stopped they sawed John, one of them said “that John has a large eye” and John opened his mouth and had a his big eye opened and runned up the tree. After that John was scared because he was scared at other people and he hide up the tree for a few hour. When it was on the next day he was scared again and he had his eye open wide again and his mouth open and he ranned up the tree and hold a tree stick and went upside down and he sawed people walking past the

walking path. After that John was trying to escaped from the Zoo and go free, when John went to escaped he sawed people and he said  “aaarrgghhh” and he went up to the tree and he got scared and open his whole face.    

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