Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird


Rufous backed shrike
Asian koel

Once there were hundreds of non-colourful birds inSouth America and everything in the sky and on the ground was colourful and when the bird was trying to rub themselves with all the colours and when it was raining and stormy they all stayed in their tree. After that when it was raining they all saw the rainbow and after that when they saw it again it was starting to disappear and some of the birds said “did you see that?”

When they stayed in their tree they saw a bird that was called a phoenix and he was shiny and he had a yellow shiny thing around him. The phoenix and some of the birds went to the rainbow and saw the rainbow was being eaten by 1000’s of roaches. The birds started fighting the roaches and some of the bird went to take off the roaches off the rainbow and they won the fight. After that when

they finish having fight they all say yea we won and all of the non-bird went into the rainbow and they were all colorful. When they went back to their tree the other non-bird was jealous and all of the colourful went to have a fly.

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