Saturday, 23 February 2013

Silly Story

Gingerbread man went with his friend to find a treasure chest at the library. Gingerbread man went to the Panmure Library and went inside to find the treasure chest.

Later Gingerbread man said there are too many people reading book inside the library. Gingerbread man went to the top of the bookshelf to hide from the people that were reading books. Next gingerbread man said “look there, a shiny book over there at the other side” and his friend said “where is the shiny book?”. Gingerbread man went to the other side with his friend and they ran as hard as they could to the other side.

When they went to the shelf to get the shiny book they ran outside the library and went back home. When they opened the book it was the wrong book, they went back to the library to get the yellow shiny book.

When they found the correct book they saw the awesome treasure that was inside.   We became very rich and lived happily ever after.

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